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Proudly representing Putzmeister’s world class boom pumps, conveyors and high rise systems, CanCrete is ready to discuss your next project’s equipment needs. Used to build the world’s tallest structures, the equipment and systems we offer provide flexibility to place concrete with uniformity, accuracy and speed.


ABOUT Putzmeister Boom Pumps

  • Putzmeister truck mounted booms cover a range of horizontal and vertical reach with booms between 20 meters and 63 meters in length.
  • These machines deliver volume, pressure, versatility, reach and reliability—exactly what every pump owner needs; and if you like bells and whistles, we’ve got those too.



  • All SANY concrete pumps offer value, simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • The SANY boom pumps, fully supported by Putzmeister America, combine automotive grade manufacturing with Putzmeister’s industry-leading Sales, Parts, and Service teams. 


ABOUT Telebelts

  • Ideal for mass concrete placement, Putzmeister’s truck mounted telescopic belt conveyor can move the harshest mix with ease, outputting up to 5 cubic yards per minute.
  • Ready to place concrete under a variety of tough conditions, this machine will save you time and get the job done at a lower cost.

BSA Trailer Pumps

ABOUT BSA Trailer Pumps

  • Powerful, reliable, durable and flexible; Putzmeister’s BSA line up meets the needs of the most demanding of projects.
  • Boasting a unique technology that offers both high output and high pressure, these machines make quick work of high rise, long distance, and tunnelling concrete placement projects, to name a few.

Placing Systems

ABOUT Placing Systems

  • Easy to transport, quick to set up, with a small overall space requirement; Putzmeister makes it easy to reach to the highest places to pour concrete.
  • The complete line, from stationary booms to the lattice tower system, mechanical distributor and tubular column system, maximize your system and offer the flexibility to place concrete with accuracy and speed.


ABOUT Precast

  • Mobile Autocor is ideal for large moulds in precast factories
  • Placing booms bridge long distances and are ideal for large formwork in precast factories

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