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39Z Boom Pump

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  • The Putzmeister 39Z comes equipped with a newly designed four-section Multi-Z boom that can either be permanent or detachable. It’s a versatile pump that can achieve typical and high-rise pumping applications, as well as frost law and special weight considerations.


  • Easy replacement of the radio remote control thanks to radiomatic iLOG technology

  • Lithium ion battery for a working time of up to 17 hours, designed to outperform in high- pressure and long-distance pumping applications


The Putzmeister 39Z truck-mounted boom pump features a permanent or detachable 4-section, Multi-Z boom design. The unit is a jack-of-all-trades with its ability to easily achieve typical and high-rise concrete placements. The 39Z’s lightweight design ensures the unit complies with frost law and special weight considerations. Rather than purchasing three pieces of equipment, benefit from the value of a single customizable, robust, versatile machine.

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