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33Z Boom Pump

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  • The Putzmeister 33Z-Meter flexible 4-section boom ensures maximum maneuverability in all directions, making the 33Z the perfect machine for restoration and smaller job sites
  • Reduced outrigger footprint
  • Convenient Operation
  • Low unfolding height of 24.9 feet


  • Reduced component wear
  • S-Valve for high-pressure applications
  • Hard-chromed concrete cylinders
  • Innovative RFID safety switch for disabling the machine when the grate is opened

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Low ceiling height
  • Reduced component wear
  • Free flow hydraulic system
  • Full electronic control of the concrete pump


The 33-meter shares a pedestal with the 36-4 that is strong and stable. The pedestal is based on the one used on the 38-5- and 39-meter models that have high product maturity. The 33-meter gains automatic lubrication of the four-point bearing and A-hinge, so there is no need to climb up onto the machine to reach lubrication points. The time-proven design of the 33Z features a reduced outrigger footprint and the latest Ergonic® 2.0 technology.

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