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RS 850

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  • An easy to assemble, compact design for high-rise pumping with greater flexibility, the RS 850 gives you a strong stable base to work your way to the top.


  • Fully automatic self climbing hydraulic system
  • Reduced maintenance components with high wear resistance
  • Tubular column with versatile base depending on job site,

  • Horizontal bolts or outriggers hold the tubular columns securely at the ceiling
  • Seperable work platform for easier transport and set up

Product Overview


The Putzmeister RS 850 column system features a fully automatic hydraulic self-climbing system in an easy to assemble, compact, flexible design. Ideal high-rise pumping, it uses a double M-profile design that encompasses self-climbing and delivery systems with a smaller floor opening requirement measuring to a3’3” (1.00m)square. The tubular column system functions without the need to carry heavy components from one floor to the next. Additionally, the RS 850 makes use of the pin connect system in which pins are inserted, tightened and can be reused. The use of pin connect system, rather than time-consuming bolted connections, enhances efficiency and overall cost savings.¾ of the platform and all the tower sections can be assembled at ground level while the final section is a click and secure system. Safe, practical and easy to install, the system is compact for transportation

Placing Systems

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