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TB 110

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  • With its low unfolding height, the TB 110 is designed for easy setup and operation in congested areas that don’t allow access for large machinery or have height restrictions.
  • The four-section telescopic conveyor provides 106′ 1″ (32.34m) of horizontal reach in heights as low as 15′ 9″ (4.80m), with the usual Putzmeister smooth, surge-free conveying.
TB 110


  • Low unfolding height
  • Six hopper options to fit different job needs
  • Places material at high volumes

  • Reversing conveyor feature to switch direction of material flow
  • Can handle a wide variety of materials

Product Overview


The Putzmeister TB 110 telebelt is designed for easy setup and operation in congested areas with height restrictions or limited access for large machinery. The 4-section telescopic conveyor provides an impressive reach of 106’ 1” (32.34m) and at a height minimum of 15’ 9” (4.80m). the TB 110 implements the expected Putzmeister quality with smooth, surge-free conveying for a wide variety of materials including dirt, sand, stone, and gravel. The machine is ideal for projects such as wind farms, dams, and bridge decks.


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