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A necessary accessory to many of our pumps, CanCrete is ready to fulfill all your job site requirements including that of mixers. We offer various styles and sizes suited to your material specifications.

Imer Products


  • Always in stock, Imer mixers are an economical solution to mixing grouts and fireproofing materials.
  • With various sizes and options available and a long standing history of quality and support—Imer mixers are a great addition to the toolbox of any contractor working with cementitious materials.

MQ Whiteman Products

ABOUT MQ Whiteman

  • Seen on jobsites all around the province, MQ Whiteman towable mixers are reliable, portable and available in many sizes to suit your mixing needs.

Tovel Products


  • Manufactured locally, Tovel offers great flexibility to specific mixing requirements.
  • With customization options available, the Tovel mixer is a valuable addition to any fleet.

Products We Offer

Quickspray Products

ABOUT Quickspray

  • Quikspray designs and manufacturers their mixers  keeping the ease of operation and operator in mind. To go along with their pumping products, their mixers have been designed to compliment material handling pumps.

Products We Offer

Portamix Products

ABOUT Portamix

  • Trusted by leading compound manufacturers and relied on by 1000’s of contractors globally, Portamix has become the trusted advisor in the self-levelling compound mixing industry. Portamix continues to mix by innovation and deliver perfection.

Products We Offer

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