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38Z-5 Boom Pump

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  • Putzmeister’s most popular pump and it continues to get even better.
  • Stability is increased with a more robust, calm pedestal, and the Ergonic® 2.0 technology is optimized for better control and monitoring.
  • This pump continues to prove its worth as one of the most efficient and cost-effective units on the job site.


  • Robust components with high wear resistance
  • Many maintenance-free and standard components

  • Quick and easy maintenance access


Putzmeister’s 38Z-5-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump features an innovative design for its 5-section boom arm and pedestal resulting in a reduced boom unfolding height, reduced overall weight, increased maneuverability and a more user-friendly design. With a removable tag axle, the unit becomes frost-law-compliant to meet your job site needs year-round. Low ceiling heights and challenging concrete placements are easily tackled with the versatility of Putzmeister’s Z-Boom design. Additionally, the 38Z-5 can begin a pour in both the Multi-Z and Z-Fold configurations before the boom is fully unfolded.

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