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With various demands and applications for grouting requirements, every site condition, type of material and pour is different. In our climate concrete is blasted by the elements routinely, making restorative grouting of all types, a necessity. With the equipment on hand to support you in that work CanCrete offers many options and works with you to pair the right pump to your specific pour.

Putzmeister Products

ABOUT Putzmeister

  • Offering multiple options for ready mix or bagged materials, Putzmeister equipment is tried and true in placing grout under tough conditions.
  • Offering high pressure and high volume options, through to smaller low pressure pumps—from grout with aggregate through to underlayment materials CanCrete knows which Putzmeister pump to pair with your job.

Graco Products


  • Whether you want to spray it, inject it or pour it, Graco has mortar pumps that offer reliable solutions aimed at increasing your productivity.
  • With a range of sizes and capabilities, Graco equipment can support small residential jobs through to large commercial projects and high rises.

Chemgrout Products

ABOUT Chemgrout

  • Boasting the widest selection of grouting equipment in the world, CanCrete is proud to distribute Chemgrout equipment and parts.
  • Offering both colloidal and paddle type mixers, as well as piston, plunger and progressive cavity style pumps—Chemgrout’s expertise produces a balance in technology paired with ease of operation and maintenance.

Airplaco Products

ABOUT Airplaco

  • Offering a wide variety of pumps to suit applications including masonry block fill, void fill, slabjacking, concrete restoration and more—CanCrete has Airplaco equipment and parts in stock ready when you need it.

Quikspray Products

ABOUT Quikspray

  • A leader in the manufacture of peristaltic material handling pumps, Quikspray “squeeze pumps” are available in different sizes, capacities and power configurations to meet job site needs.
  • The Quikspray Carrousel pump is most known for being well designed, constructed and time tested in the field for decades.
  • Grouting with a Quikspray is simple and cost effective; CanCrete is stocked with equipment and parts to allow you to put this machine to the test.
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