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SANY Boom Pumps

SY68 Boom Pump

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  • The SY68 sits on a 7-axle straight truck and can pump 200m3 per hour 
  • This unit is one of SANY’s most powerful pumps with maximum reach capabilities 


  • SANY LIQUID DISPLAY (SYLD): The SYLD interface allows users the ability to quickly conduct diagnostics. The SYLD provides inputs/outputs, bypasses and fault codes to troubleshoot and get your pump operational.

  • ROD SIDE PISTON SIDE SWITCH (SBU): Logic boxes on the pump allow the operator to switch from low to high pressure pumping with just a switch. High-low pressure changeover switch is located on the back panel.
  • AUTOMATIC OSS: SYMC automatically estimates boom rotation area according to pump mode, outriggers, and stabilization feedback.


The SANY boom pumps, fully supported by Putzmeister America, combine automotive grade manufacturing with Putzmeister’s industry leading Sales, Parts, and Service teams.

All SANY concrete pumps offer value, simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. 

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