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Boom Pumps

51Z Boom Pump

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  • The 51Z-5 combines proven components with the latest developments to reduce operating costs, increase operator safety and offer flexibility to meet your customers’ jobsite needs


  • Heavy duty design for the most demanding jobs
  • Durable core pump and wear parts

  • Simplified operation and service

Product Overview


The 51Z-5 Meter is built to last for the most demanding jobs. The outrigger system incorporates Putzmeister’s One-Sided Support System (OSS) that reduces outrigger width by about 10 feet. (2.74m). The Ergonic Pump System (EPS) and Ergonic Output Control (EOC) work together to optimize the pumping process and regulate the optimum engine speed, ensuring the pump operates smoothly with fuel efficiency and low wear and tear on the equipment.

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