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CG-550/030 and CG-555/030

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  • Engineered for ease of operation and low cost maintenance, the CG-550 Rugged Series provides the ultimate in performance.


  • 45 Gallon Mixing Tank
  • 15 or 30 Gallon Hoppe
  • Skid or Trailer Mounted

  • Power Options: Air, Hydraulic, Electric/Hydraulic, Gas/Hydraulic & Diesel/Hydraulic
  • Max Output: 16 GPM (Air) or 12 GPM (Hydraulic)

Product Overview


The ChemGrout 550/030 (pallet version) and 555/030 (trailer version) piston pump is commonly used with cement slurries, sanded cement mixes, bentonite mixes (with or without sand), most repair mortars, high-strength non-shrink grouts and self-levelling products. Part of ChemGrout’s Rugged Series, the pump has a maximum output of 16 gpm (60 lpm) and a maximum pressure of 550 psi (38 bar). The large hopper is located below the mixing tank and above the suction housing giving the ability for a new batch to be mixed while the first batch is being pumped. This design allows for continuous pumping and virtually eliminates clogging.

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