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  • Featuring a standard swivel mixer which provides ease of use and superior mixing results, the SP 11 LMR is the standard for operation, comfort, performance and mixing quality for rotor/stators pumps.


  • Powerful rotor/stator pump 2L6 with pressure connection piece to attach hose
  • Maximum motor speed of 2600rpm and additional sound insulation for quiet operation

  • All SP 11 functions can be conveniently controlled from the operating panel
  • Theoretical Delivery Rate: 5-60L/min

Product Overview


The Putzmeister SP 11 LMR progressive cavity pump is the standard for operation,comfort, performance and mixing quality.Themachineis ideal forpre-mixed and site-mixed mortars with grain sizes up to 0.25 inches (6mm).Thestandard swivel mixerprovides ease ofuse, in addition to superior mixing resultsas seen through its ability toeasily mix both thick and free-flowing mixes. The SP 11 LMR features a variable volumeoutpu

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