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2” Carrousel Pump

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  • An application of the perisaltic or squeezing principle, similar to the human digestive system, the Quikspray carrousel pump squeezes material through its system forcing the material forward
2” Carrousel Pump


  • Specially designed Quik-Flo couplings and reduced fittings to help lower pumping pressures and problems
  • Simple to Operate

  • Ideal for grouting/restoration projects where traditional methods are not efficient
  • Output: 6 cubic yd/hr

Product Overview


The Quikspray versatile 2” Carrousel Pump is excellent for shotcrete, stuccos, heavily bodied epoxies, self-consolidating concrete, pour & form, fireproofing material, and many more materials. The unit is available with either an electric (220V), pneumatic or hydraulic motor. The 2” Pump is versatile, dependable and simple with easy to access and inexpensive wear parts. Boasting the ability to pump up to 10mm aggregate, this machine is a restoration contractors’ best solution to moving concrete/grout.

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