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  • Equipped with a high shear centrifugal type mixer diffuser-type pump, that disperses the cementitious material down to its finest particle size to achieve complete particle wetness.


  • Double acting high pressure plunger pump
  • 13 cubic foot colloidal mixer

  • 13 cubic foot agitating storage tank
  • Max Output: 14 GPM (2″ x 8″ Pump) or 20 GPM (3″ x 8″ Pump)

Product Overview


The ChemGrout CG-600HP double acting positive displacement style pump is commonly used for foundations and tie backs. Part of the High Pressure and Colloidal Series, the pump features a 13 cu. ft. (370L) colloidal high sheer mixer and a 13 cu. ft. (370L) agitating storage tank. The grout pump provides a maximum output of 20 gpm (70 lpm) (3”x 8” pump version) and a maximum pressure of 2000 psi (138 bar) (2”x 8” pump version).

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