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WetKret 4

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  • Wetkret 4 is ideal for underground mining thanks to its robust and compact chassis, reduced turning radiuses and crab-mode that allow a major range of movements.
  • Wetkret 4 pump guarantees a homogeneous shotcrete application, to be able to ensure the required quality and layer thickness, as well as reducing rebound. Its concrete flow of 20 m3/h allows for increased productivity.
WetKret 4


  • Far reaching: spraying arm with a maximum vertical reach of 8.5 m
  • Automatic additive dosage: equipped with an automatic dosing device proportional to the concrete flow, ensuring spraying accuracy and quality

  • Easy handling: thanks to a dual cable and wireless proportional remote control for seamless arm movements
  • Easy maintenance and access to repair points
  • Total autonomy with optional on-board compressor


The WetKret 4 is ideal for mining galleries, thanks to its its heavy-duty chassis, Putzmeister’s concrete pump and synchronized additive system. The spraying arm is adapted to your galleries requirements with a maximum vertical reach of 8.5 m. Wetkret 4 also comes equipped with automatic synchronization of the additive dosage with the concrete flow, hydrostatic transmission without gear to change, an integrated air compressor as option and optimal weight distribution.

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