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SPM 715 Synchro

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  • The SPM 715 Synchro is equipped with a hydraulic additive dosing unit which synchronises the additive dosage with the concrete flow and can be controlled with the PLC system.
  • The peristaltic additive pump provides an output from 40 to 400 l/h, with the pumping values immediately checked on the PLC’s display. The machine is available as a stationary (version SE and SD) or trailer pump (version TE and TD).
SPM 715 Synchro


  • Automatically synchronized additive dosing system for high precision and quality spraying support for better quality
  • Light and robust hood

  • Hydraulically driven protection cover
  • Large concrete hopper with agitator and rubber collar


The SPM 715 Synchro is for shotcreting with a synchronised Additive Dosing System. It is available with electric engine (version TE and SE) or diesel engine (version TD and SD) to fit the requirements of all construction sites. With its road-going chassis, transportation and on-site maneuvering operating could not be easier.

Putzmeister, Shotcrete/Gunite

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