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SPM 500 WetKret

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  • The SPM 500 Wetkret has a vertical spraying reach of 55′ 9″ (17 m) and an output of 39 yd³/h (30 m³/h), the SPM 500 WETKRET is ideal for medium and large tunnels, caverns and slopes.
  • The automatic system for high precision synchronization between the concrete pump and the additive dosing unit maintains the additive dosage proportional to the output, assuring spraying accuracy and quality.
SPM 500 WetKret


  • Far reaching: spraying arm providing 55′ 9″ (17 m) spraying reach
  • Automatic additive dosage: automatic dosing device proportional to the concrete flow, ensuring spraying accuracy and quality
  • All functions available via remote control: automatic spraying sequence start and stop functions, full regulation of the concrete output

  • Easy handling: thanks to the automatic spray lance movements and nozzle oscillation
  • Advanced maneuverability: compact dimensions, four driving and steering wheels
  • Spraying arm can be unfolded in minimum space thanks to movable and telescopic construction
  • Optionally available with an electric air compressor built into the chassis


The SPM 500 WetKret has proven Efficiency and Reliability in a large Number of Tunneling Projects all over the World. The sturdy chassis with 4-wheel-drive and crab-mode provides maneuverability in difficult driving situations. The equipment is optionally available with an electric air compressor built into the chassis.

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