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TK 1005

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  • The Putzmeister TK 1005 is the compact concrete pump in the 1000 series, equipped with a Caterpillar CAT 3.6 diesel engine and the latest Ergonic ® 3 PS control.
  • With the TK 1005, it is possible to deliver normal concrete with a grain size of up to 1.25″ (32 mm).


  • Fuel-economic automatic speed drawdown on pump stop
  • High-quality wear resistant components for service-life

  • Clear operating data and engine status indication via the display
  • CE mark


The Putzmeister TK 1005 is ideal for a wide variety of concrete placing jobs and for pumping structural concrete. It features an angled hopper that’s easier to fill and clean. The TK 1005 can pump a variety of materials at up to 64 yd³/hr (49m³/hr), handle the harshest mixes, and tackle a variety of civil applications.

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