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MIX 120+

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  • Perfect for the 2-4 man construction crew, the MIX 120+ can make a wheelbarrow of mortar, stucco, grout or dry pack cement every 3 minutes
MIX 120+


  • 2HP Motor and 38rpm paddle speed
  • Easy transport by one person
  • Reversible to ensure all material mixes properly

Product Overview


The IMER MIX 120+ electric mixer is ideal for mixing mortar, stucco, grout, dry pack cement and more. Commonly used by a 2 to 4 man construction crew, the unit’s vertical shaft provides enough torque to outproduce a 2-bag towable mixer when mixing dry pack cement. The MIX 120+ quickly and thoroughly mixes and is a truly versatile and economical machine.

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