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RV 12

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  • Useful for concreting slabs, walls, and columns
  • 12 metre maximum reach
  • Extremely compact for easy transportation


  • Lighted boom tip
  • Ergonic 2.0 radio remote control

  • Dedicated storage space for tools and gear
  • Easily transportable


The Putzmeister RV 12 lift is engineered for larger construction sites. It provides the vertical movement of the last boom section which is most beneficial for jobs that include column work. The last section is lifted with a hydraulic pump and gives an impressive vertical height of 13’1” (4m). The RV 12 is ideal for concreting slabs, walls and columns of up to this height.

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Putzmeister Placing System Specs

Additional Information

Reach: 39′ 4″ (12m)
Transport dimensions: 29′ 10″ x 4′ 3″ x 5′ 11″ (9.10×1.30×1.80m)
Weight: 5,732 lbs (2,600kg)

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