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BSA 14000 SHP-D4

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  • 72 cubic metres per hour
  • World record holder for pumping height (1,988 feet)
  • Ideal for high-rise, high-pressure concrete pumping
  • 600 litre hopper


  • Reduced component wear
  • S-Valve for high-pressure applications

  • Hard-chromed concrete cylinders
  • Caterpillar Diesel Engine


The Putzmeister BSA 14000 SHP-D4 is Caterpillar diesel-powered with a stage 4 exhaust. During the design process of this unit, focus was largely allocated to the customer’s needs. The Machine is engineered to increase compliance with emission limits, provide more power and reduced fuel consumption. Ideal for applications in high-rise construction and long-distance pumping, the BSA 14000 SHP-D4 has a maximum output of 94 yd3/hr (72m3/hr) and a maximum pressure of 3,626 psi (250 bar).

Product Specification Sheet

Putzmeister BSA Trailer Pump Specs

Additional Information

Maximum theoretical output (rod): 94 yd³/hr (72 m³/hr)
Maximum theoretical output (piston): 48 yd³/hr (37 m³/hr)
Maximum theoretical pressure (rod): 3,190 psi (220 bar)
Maximum theoretical pressure (piston): 3,626 psi (250 bar)

Trailer length: 297″ (7.54m)

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