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  • The KOV series which is characterized by its straightforward design and high reliability; the suction and delivery cylinders of this piston pump are connected by indirectly operating balls.
  • Omission of actively driven elements results in a good value pump with the maximum availability.
  • Pasty materials such as mortar or Bentonite, even with a content of foreign substances up to 1” (20 mm) in size can be conveyed without any difficulty with a pumping pressure up to 1305 psi (90 bar) and an output of up to 78.5 yd³/hr (60m³/hr).


  • Base frame with oil pan and bulkhead panel for hydraulic connections
  • Delivery cylinder which is multi layer chrome-plated 250 µm
  • Piston material and seals in Perbunan
  • Waterbox for lubrication, cooling and optimum accessibility of the delivery piston
  • Pressure relief valve in the pump head
  • Suction ball / pressure ball made of steel (depending on medium gummium sheathing)

  • Electrically controlled back-pumping
  • Mechanical flow adjustment
  • All sensors are wired to one centralized terminal box
  • Central terminal box for all electrical connections on the operating side of the pump
  • Hydraulic control system VHS-EHS according to pump size


The KOV series is characterized by its straightforward design and high reliability. It uses passively operated balls to connect the suction and delivery cylinders, making it an affordable pump with maximum availability. This pump handles fine-grained mortar and low-consistency slurries, even with foreign bodies up to 10 mm in size, without issues. Balls and valve seats can be supplied in various materials and coatings to suit specific needs. A maintenance aperture allows for easy and quick replacement of the ball valves.

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