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40Z Boom Pump

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  • Does not require special road permit for transportation
  • 3-axle chassis
  • Remote control operation
  • 110-160 cubic metres per hour


  • Reduced component wear
  • S-Valve for high-pressure applications

  • Hard-chromed concrete cylinders
  • Innovative RFID safety switch for disabling the machine when the grate is opened


The Putzmeister 40Z is a compact, lightweight truck-mounted boom pump which offers increased reach for a reduced cost. Weighing under 56,000 lbs. (25,401 kg) on 3-axles, the machine avoids the added expense of special road permits applied to larger 4-axle vehicles. Additionally, the 4-section Multi-Z boom provides an impressive 128’3” vertical reach (39.10 m) with a compact outrigger footprint for tight spaces. Rack and pinion slewing provide better weight distribution and smooth rotation. The unit features Putzmeister’s Ergonic Output Control (EOC) technology which improves fuel efficiency by performing operations such as setup, pumping and cleanup at lower engine speeds.

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Putzmeister Boom Pump Specs

Additional Information

Boom Section Lengths
First Section Length: 30′ 10″ (9.40m)
Second Section Length: 27′ 7″ (8.41m)
Third Section Length: 28′ 8″ (8.74m)
Fourth Section Length: 28′ 1″ (8.56m)

Height & Reach
Vertical Reach: 128′ 3″ (39.10m)
Horizontal Reach: 115′ 1″ (35.10m)

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