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38Z Boom Pump

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  • Frost-law-compliant
  • 3-axle chassis
  • 160-182 cubic metres per hour


  • Reduced component wear
  • S-Valve for high-pressure applications

  • Hard-chromed concrete cylinders
  • Innovative RFID safety switch for disabling the machine when the grate is opened


The Putzmeister 38Z, Putzmeister’s most popular boom pump size, is specially engineered to extend your pumping season. The 4-section, Multi-Z boom gives you the ability to precisely place concrete exactly where you want it. The 38Z also features an optional 3-axle design, resulting in a frost-law-compliant unit. The tag axle is easily removed when not needed. Compact X-style outriggers allow for quick setup in tight locations. The 38Z is the only four-section, 121’ 9” Multi-Z boom on the market.

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Putzmeister Boom Pump Specs

Additional Information

Boom Section Lengths
First Section Length: 28′ 6″ (8.69m)
Second Section Length: 25′ 3″ (7.70m)
Third Section Length: 27′ 7″ (8.41m)
Fourth Section Length: 27′ 3″ (8.31m)

Height & Reach
Vertical Reach: 121′ 9″ (37.11m)
Horizontal Reach: 108′ 7″ (33.10m)

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