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3/8 Special

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  • Available in gas, diesel and electric models, this pump is built to be rugged, robust and reliable.
3/8 Special


  • Progessive cavity pump
  • 8 cubic foot hopper (225L)

  • 4″ HD Output, 10-12 yards/hour

Product Overview


The Ventures 3/8 Special is a one of a kind high powered rotor/stator pump. With an 8 cu. ft. (225L) hopper, the concrete grout pump can provide an output of 10-12 yr3/hr (7.6-9.2 m3/hr). The 3/8 Special boasts the ability to pump aggregate up to 3/8” (10mm) with a rotor/stator pump. Based on a durable design, the unit delivers a constant output with no material surge. The 3/8 Special offers variable speed, and reversible capabilities.

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