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RM-3000 Cherry Bomb

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  • The newest addition to truck and rig powdered soaps, Cherry Bomb was developed for customers that have a need for super strength
  • More foaming agent and detergent than RM-1500 Pink
Cherry Bomb Truck Cleaner


  • Excellent Soap with cherry fragrance

Product Overview


Cherry Bomb was developed for our customers that have a need for a “Super Strength” or “Professional” version of the already strong “RM – 1500 Pink”. It contains more foaming agent and detergent.

Details and Safety Data Sheet Downloads

Apply with: Mega Foamer System, H2O System, Pressure Washer, Automated Wash Station

RM-3000 Cherry Bomb is available in:
RM-3000 Cherry Bomb 19-Litre Pail

RM-3000 Cherry Bomb SDS

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