Asphalt Remover

D-28 Asphalt Dissolver

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  • Formulated to rapidly dissolve tar, asphalt and similar soils
  • Romix D-28 is safe and easy to use in all temperatures
  • No dilution required
D-28 Asphalt Dissolver


  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-DOT regulated
  • VOC compliant and biodegradable

  • Ready to use formula
  • Replaces mineral spirits and chlorinated solvents


D-28 Asphalt Dissolver is non-hazardous, VOC compliant and biodegradable formulation developed to rapidly melt and dissolve tar, asphalt and similar soils. Dilution is not recommended. D-28 is ready to use right out of the container and can be applied in all temperatures.

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For use on: Asphalt Pavers, Rollers, Trucks, Hoppers etc.
Apply with: Hand Sprayer or brush
Suggested Dilution: Dilution is not recommended

D-28 Asphalt Dissolver is available in a selection of different quantities, including:
D-28 Asphalt Dissolver 19-Litre Pail
D-28 Asphalt Dissolver 208-Litre Drum

D-28 Asphalt Dissolver SDS

D-28 Asphalt Dissolver Sell Sheet

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