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The shotcrete process is a versatile one used in both new construction and repairs. From pools to bridges, and from retaining walls to refractories, shotcrete can be used in almost any concrete project.

There is no shortage of work for your equipment; you need to ensure that you keep it in top condition for the job site.

We are here to help; we stock parts that include pipe, hose, and line through to nozzles, and screeds.

See below for a sample of what we have available in our warehouse.

SHOTCRETE LAYDOWN SYSTEM: Various components, pipe and hose, available in multiple sizes.

• Adapters

• Reducers

• Clamps

• Gaskets

• Safety Pins

NOZZLES: Several types to suit your process.

• Acme & Mayco (Wet Process Shotcrete)

• Spirolet

• Hamm

• Double Bubble


FEEDBOWLS, WEAR PLATES, WEAR PADS: Available in a variety of pocket dimensions.

• Feedbowl

• Wear Plates

• Wear Pads

WHIP CHECKS & SAFETY STRAPS: Available in sizes to suit ½” hose through to 5” hose.

PUMP PRIMER: An effective method of priming your pump for an effective pour, available by the box or pail.

PUMP RETARDER: An effective tool for ensuring a successful clean out.

TROWELS, SCRAPERS & SCREEDS: for your finishing needs.

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