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Pumping concrete is a tough job, and wears on your equipment.  We know your wear parts, and keep them in stock and ready for you when you need them. We’re here to help with parts, pipe, and hose available.

See below for a sample of what we have in our warehouse.

It's time to get geared up for the season, replace your pipe now and avoid that costly downtime during the busiest time of the year!


We can help you with:

Pipe Inspections

Boom and Deck Pipe systems

Back End kits


Putzmeister pipe systems offer outstanding quality and are compatible and  customizable to all brands!


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CONCRETE PUMPING LAYDOWN SYSTEM: Various components, pipe and hose available in multiple sizes.

• Steel Pipe & Rubber Hose

• Reducers & Adapters

• Elbows

• Clamps

• Weld on Ends

• Safety Pins

WEAR PARTS: Ready when you need them.

• S Tubes

• Spectacle Plates

• Cutting Rings

• Thrust Rings

• Wear Sleeve

• Front & Rear Bearings

• Shift Forks

• Piston Cups

• Material Cylinders

• Agitator Flanges & Shafts

• Agitator Motors

• Seal Kits


• Valves

• Motors

• Pumps

• Gauges

• Filters

• Cylinders

• Seal Kits

• Bladders



• Sponge Balls

• Go Devils

• Ball Catchers

• Blow Out Caps


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