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As a dealer for Northrock, we are ready to provide all Northrock branded equipment and parts to meet your needs.

Please see the list below for our most popular vibrators; if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’ll be more than happy to bring it in for you.


Available in three different sizes to meet application, shaft length, and head diameter needs up to 2-1/2” diameter.

All power units may be configured to drive alternate branded shafts and heads


NORTHROCK GAS VIBRATORS: For use where electrical power is not conveniently available, or extra mobility is required.

Pedestal and wheelbarrow models are each available in a choice of 5HP or 8HP, plus a 2-1/2HP backpack version for when concrete consolidation is required in a remote location. While the pedestal version is designed for stationary applications the mobile wheel barrow model may be moved quickly around the site.


These power units may be configured to drive alternate branded shafts and heads.



Northrock offers a choice of standard heavy duty and light duty pencil shafts in lengths from 1’ up to 30’ in convenient increments.


Heavy duty shafts are stiffer and are used primarily for better pokeability. The lighter duty pencil shafts are available for applications where better flexibility is required.


Northrock offers 7 different vibrator heads, in a range of diameters from ¾” up to 2-1/2”. Diameter is selected by the scope of the job and the speed required to complete it.


A high level of centrifugal force and amplitude are created by rotating Northrock’s unique eccentric weights within the head at the desired frequency. A special oil bath system keeps the weights lubricated at all times. All heads are sealed at the factory and are maintenance free. Built for the busy contractor and a wide range of tough rental applications, they are designed for reliability and durability over extended periods of time.

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