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As a dealer for Envirochute we are excited to support the ready mix industry with a simple, economical, and environmentally friendly solution to chute cleanout.

ENVIROCHUTE: No need to waste time to find a place to clean out!

Envirochute is easy to use; it is driver and customer approved!

Finally - a chute cleanout system that offers light weight aluminum construction, no pumps, and boasts to have low/no maintenance.


Simply fasten to the end of your chute:

• Attach the 1” discharge hose and airline to the unit

• Wash your chute into the containment unit, then wash down the aggregate

• Remove the aggregate basket and dispose of the stone

• Lift the ball and open the air valve to discharge residual slurry into truck

• Close air valve - rinse, repeat, and put unit away!



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